About Me


Hi!  I am so happy to introduce myself to you!  I am part time dental hygienist and full time photographer and mom of three.  My passion for photography started when I had my son and wanted to capture his every move.  I then moved on to friends and family and before I knew it a business was born.


When I'm not busy working I love to be in the outdoors; camping, hunting, boating, ice fishing, and anything that requires me spending time with my family.  I love dipping my oreos in peanut butter before milk and a good chick flick...so you can call me an outdoorsy girlie girl...is that a thing?


My favorite thing to photgraph is newborn babies!  But I also love children and families!  I want to helpe capture your growiing and chainging family so you can remember them at every stage in life.  If you have any questions about me or my photography please feel free contact me!  I'd love a good chat!