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Newborn photography is so much different from all other types of photography and is more of an art.  Posing a baby in blankets and props create a beautiful image that you bring to life after editing and the end result is so rewarding!  It takes time and patience and with over 12 years of experience photographing newborns I feel like I've learned the tricks to posing, lighting, and editing.  I want to share that with others so they can feel successful as well.  1:1 or 2:1 you'll be able to get the hands-on experience you need.

During your mentor session, we'll go over a number of things including:

Session Prep -  how I choose my setups to create different photos for each client

Parent/Sibling posing - both posed and lifestyle

Blanket poses  -  I'll show you the workflow I use to quickly transition through 9 poses

Prop posing - buckets, bowls, beds, flokatis, etc

Macro shots 

Composition and angles - do's and don'ts


Studio Lighting 

Camera Settings


Editing: Both Lightroom and Photoshop

We'll start at 9am going over how I setup my studio with a newborn that morning then have a break for lunch (which I'll provide) and editing the photos we've taken then bring in another newborn after lunch.  You'll be able to pose baby and work on whichever poses you feel you need help with. 



1:1 $1,200 or 2:1 $800


Only available for photographers living 150 miles outside Sevier County, Utah.   

$400 nonrefundable deposit due at time of booking


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