Childs Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I was really excited when Tanae asked me to take her family pictures to see how much different it would be from last year. In one year all three boys have grown so much and the little one wasn't scared of me anymore! This is one good looking family!! I love how they all dressed up with different colored ties! It's so springy! Now if it would warm up and quit raining I would consider it summer!

Edwards-28 copy.jpg

Edwards-33 copy.jpg

Edwards-6 copy.jpg

Edwards-8 copy.jpg

Edwards-3 copy.jpg

Edwards-27 copy.jpg

Edwards-24 copy.jpg

Edwards-20 copy.jpg

Edwards-31 copy.jpg
Childs-32 copy.jpg

Childs-18 copy.jpg

Childs-15 copy.jpg

Childs-16 copy.jpg

Childs-35 copy.jpg

#family #allboys #kids #lanahansenphotography #utahfamilyphotographer

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