Haven Rain {Utah Newborn Photographer}

Imagine you're at your graduation waiting for your name to be called so you can walk up and receive your degree! An exciting moment right? Well now imagine with each name that gets called your contractions get stronger and stronger until you just can't take it anymore so when your name is called you're already on your way out the door to have your baby! That is what Chelsea went through the day of her nursing graduation! It was a very special day for both of them! She was excited to receive her RN but also to meet her new baby girl. I think this day will always be remembered for that!

Harrison-26 copy.jpg

Harrison-28 copy.jpg

Harrison-5 copy.jpg

Harrison-2 copy.jpg

Harrison-3 copy.jpg

Harrison-7 copy.jpg

Harrison-9 copy.jpg

Harrison-13 copy.jpg

Harrison-14 copy.jpg

Harrison-23 copy.jpg

Harrison-15 copy.jpg

Harrison-21 copy.jpg

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