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Sadie's 1st Birthday {Utah Child Photographer}

So I have this niece and I think she is spunky and full of life! She is kind of a shy one around strangers but absolutely loves me, whether it's because I look exaclty like her mom or not I don't care, all I know is I'm her favorite aunt!! She just had her 2nd birthday so we snapped a few pictures. Her love for me was gone real quick once I put the camera in front of me but we were still able to snap a few pictures.

Sadie-11 copy.jpg

Sadie-3 copy.jpg

Sadie-4 copy.jpg

Sadie-6 copy.jpg

Sadie-14 copy.jpg

Sadie-9 copy.jpg

Sadie-16 copy.jpg

And of course no two year photoshoot would be complete without a nose picking picture right?!

#lanahansenphotography #utahchildphotographer #1stbirthday

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