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ChezLee's 1st Birthday {Utah Child Photographer}

I love when clients have creative ideas for their photoshoots! We had so much fun setting up and taking these pictures! Chelsea made her daughter's birthday cake all on her own! Wow! Talk about talent! She came up with all of these ideas on her own so I just sat back and snapped pictures! It was so fun! The last few in the bubble bath might be my favorite!

Pollock-2 copy.jpg

Pollock-3 copy.jpg

Pollock-7 copy.jpg

Pollock-19 copy.jpg

Pollock-32 copy.jpg


Pollock-17 copy.jpg

Pollock-12 copy.jpg


Pollock-37 copy.jpg

Pollock-33 copy.jpg

Pollock-36 copy.jpg

#lanahansenphotography #utahchildphotographer #1stbirthday

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