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Peterson Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I had the opportunity to spend time with this fine family! They are all so good looking and their colors all coordinated so well. Finding the right location for such large groups can be hard but these guys were up for anything and weren't afraid of getting close and personal! I loved this location and think we got some great pictures!

jPollock-8 copy.jpg

jPollock-13 copy.jpg

jPollock-16 copy.jpg

jPollock-1 copy.jpg

jPollock-49 copy.jpg

jPollock-44 copy.jpg

jPollock-47 copy.jpg

jPollock-37 copy.jpg

jPollock-19 copy copy.jpg

jPollock-32 copy.jpg

jPollock-36 copy.jpg

jPollock-59 copy.jpg

jPollock-27 copy.jpg

jPollock-56 copy.jpg

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