Westlund Engagements {Utah Couples Photographer}

Whitney and Spencer have got it! They are so fun and easy to photograph and I loved getting to know them since the last time I took their pictures a year ago. A lot has changed in little Oaklee since then, she wouldn't really look at me and this time she smiled the whole time!

Westlund-9 copy.jpg

Westlund-16 copy.jpg

Westlund-17 copy.jpg

Westlund-11 copy.jpg

Westlund-20 copy.jpg

Westlund-26 copy.jpg

Westlund-14 copy.jpg

Westlund-7 copy.jpg

Westlund-5 copy.jpg

Westlund-8 copy.jpg

Westlund-1 copy.jpg

Westlund-2 copy.jpg

Westlund-13 copy.jpg

Westlund-27 copy.jpg

Westlund-29 copy.jpg

Westlund-31 copy.jpg

Westlund-32 copy.jpg

Westlund-33 copy.jpg

Westlund-34 copy.jpg

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