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Chloe's Baptism {Central Utah Baptism Photographer}

This little girl is so genuinly sweet! I felt honored to take her baptism pictures and it was fun taking them at the temple since I haven't done any there yet. The Manti temple is my very favorite! I love how big it pure it is and it's even more beautiful on the inside! I'm so glad Chloe chose to be baptised!

Hansen-1 copy.jpg

Hansen-2 copy.jpg

Hansen-7 copy.jpg

Hansen-10 copy.jpg

Hansen-11 copy.jpg

Hansen-13 copy.jpg

Hansen-16 copy.jpg

Hansen-18 copy.jpg

Hansen-19 copy.jpg

Hansen-17 copy.jpg

Hansen-21 copy.jpg

Hansen-23 copy.jpg

Hansen-29 copy.jpg

Hansen-32 copy.jpg

#lanahansenphotography #centralutahphotographer #centralutahbaptismphotographer

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