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Johnson Family 2015 {Utah Family Photographer}

We kind of got off to a rough start getting these pictures scheduled. It seems like our schedules were backwards and then we had a little miscommunication and headed in opposite directions once we finally got a common date. But we managed to get together and capture some beautiful images of a beautiful family. I'll be the first to admit I get a little (very) cautious when clients want to take me to new locations but was so happy with this one! The trees and mountains were perfect with great weather! I was so excited to work on these dreamy pictures.

Johnson-5 copy.jpg

Johnson-6 copy.jpg

Johnson-26 copy.jpg

Johnson-15 copy.jpg

Johnson-17 copy.jpg

Johnson-22 copy.jpg

Johnson-18 copy.jpg

Johnson-8 copy.jpg

Johnson-10 copy.jpg

Johnson-12 copy.jpg

Johnson-13 copy.jpg

Johnson-25 copy.jpg

Johnson-24 copy.jpg

Johnson-32 copy.jpg

Johnson-31 copy.jpg

Johnson-27 copy.jpg

Johnson-37 copy.jpg

Johnson-34 copy.jpg

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