Penney Kids {Utah Child Photographer}

I was so honored when Chelsea asked me to take her little boy's 2 year pictures. Bridger is such a special and unique little boy and I will admit I was very nervous as well. I have never taken pictures of someone who can't hold their head up or talk when they are old enough to but I am very pleased with the outcome! To see a glimpse of what this family goes through and how come together to help each other out was such a humbling experience. They are such an example to all of use of faith and support! They will be eternally blessed in a way no one else will be.

Penny-14 copy.jpg

Penny-8 copy.jpg

Penny-3 copy.jpg

Penny-16 copy.jpg

Penny-22 copy.jpg

Penny-24 copy.jpg

Penny-31 copy.jpg

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