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Gary & Teresa Mason Family 2016 {Family Photographer}

Take your own family pictures they say, it will be fun they say.....not! I seriously lost sleep over taking these pictures the night before because I was so worried about doing my own family. I feel like it's easy to get mad at or not do what you're asked if it's family you're talking to. So I thought everything through, I brought blankets for kids to wrap around while they're waiting for their turn, I brought stools and props, I was hurrying to quickly get done...and it went exactly as I thought. Kids were crying because it was cold, husbands were complaining they wanted to be done, they didn't sit how I wanted...and above all the sun had just gone down and it was starting to get dark right as we were starting the big group. Luckily I talked them all into going back out the next day just fro the group shot and I think everyone is happy with the outcome. Instead of setting a timer I had a photography friend come snap the big groups. We weren't so rushed because it was 10 degrees warmer, the sun was still up, and I only asked for 10 minutes of their time. I'm glad we got these pictures but I vowed I would never do my family's pictures again!

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