Baby Jemma {Newborn Photography}

Let me tell you about this miracle baby! Her mom Jordan was 33 weeks pregnant having some strange sharp pains so she went to see her doctor, after a few tests she was told her placenta had calcified and had quit feeding her nutrients baby Jemma at 29 weeks and her amniotic fluid was very low. As a result baby Jemma wasn't making the swallowing and breathing movements she should be. The doctors informed Jordan she was having a baby that day. All Jordan could think about was her previous still born twins, she received a blessing and prayed that her Heavenly Father would save her baby girl. To all their surprise baby Jemma came out screaming and defied all odds of not having developed lungs or body so she wasn't intubated or put on oxygen as they had informed her and life flight waited for Jordan to get out of surgery to hold her baby's hand before leaving for the NICU at Utah Valley Hospital. Baby Jemma was just shy of 3 pounds at birth and spent 27 days in the NICU. She got to go home when she weighed 4lbs 6oz and today at 6 weeks old she weighs 5lbs 5oz. She is such a fighter and continues to amaze her doctors at her progress. She's an angel and knows her mom and dad need her here!

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